Discontinued Products(Recommended Products)

Discontinued Products Brands Termination Power supply Recommended Products
NE-2400 ELK 1997.03 110V 50/60Hz XP1000
NE-2400 ELK 2000.04 220V 50/60Hz XP1000
MA-14 TANKA 1993.07 220V 50Hz XP-9000
CP345-typeA ELK 2003.12 220V 50Hz XP-9000
CP345-typeA' ELK 2008.05 220V 50Hz XP-9000
NE-4000 ELK 1991.07 115V 60Hz XP1000
NE-3600 ELK 1987.02 115V 60Hz XP1000
XP-500 3M 1999.02 220V 50Hz XP1000
XP-400 DM 2009.11 220V 60Hz XP-9000
XP-400 DM 2009.11 220-240V 50Hz XP-9000
Ecomat 21 ELK 2011.02 220V 50Hz XP1000
CP345-typeC ELK 2009.11 220V 50/60Hz XP-9000
AP300 DM 2008.08 220-240V 50Hz XP-300A
XP-400 DM 2009.11 220V 50Hz XP-9000
XP-400 DM 2004.06 120V 60Hz XP-9000
AP300 DM 2011.08 110-120V 60Hz XP-300A
Ecomat9000 ELK 2015.01 220V 50/60Hz XP-9000

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