・High performance with a
 small footprint.
・Full installation possible without
 water tank or water supply.
 Daylight film loader(Dark box)
 (for developing in bright rooms).

Automatic Film Processor XP-300A

Compact design requiring only a 0.3m2 installation area

  • Ideal for narrow darkrooms.
  • Installation possible without water tank or water supply / drainage facilities.

Simple and easy operation

  • Simple design of processing rack and liquid tank makes for easy everyday operation and maintenance.

Compact size with big processing capacity

  • Process up to 240 x 300mm(10"x12") film at 3 different speeds

Accessory: Daylight film loader (Dark box)(for developing in bright room)


Film transport system Horizontal (Straight) constant roller transport system
Processing films 20x30 mm (longitudinal direction) up to 240 x 300 mm (10” X 12”)
Processing time 3 / 4 / 5 minutes, selectable
Tank capacity Developing (3L), Fixing(3L), Washing(3L)
Temperature control Constant temperature control by thermistor
  • Developing: 30℃, 32℃, 34℃,
  • Drying: 50℃(Fixed)
Developer stirring system Pump circulation of Developing, Fixing and Washing
Safety functions Overheat-prevention
  • Manual resetting safety thermostat (Developing /Fixing/ Drying)

Auto-stop system

  • Prevention of no-water burning
  • Circuit breaker
Power supply Single phase AC220/240V 4A 50/60Hz
Dimensions 589(W)x444(D)x321(H)mm: Main unit 589(W)x444(D)x646(H)mm: with Daylight film loader
Weight 25Kg (about 35Kg: include developing solution)
Accessory Daylight film loader (Dark box)