Medical Film Processing

Our automatic X-ray film processor has three products, XP1000, XP-9000, and XP-300A, differentiated by footprint, processing speed, and processing film size. All X-ray film processors are designed and manufactured in Japan with the highest quality.

XP1000 is the most advanced high volume and high speed automatic processor designed for the development of industrial X-ray film.

XP-9000 is a ultra compact desk top type with high speed film processing.

XP-300A is a film processor for dental application. It has a very small footprint with low maintenance.

All X-ray film processors are very energy efficient and easy to use.

Automatic Processor XP1000

Automatic Processor XP-9000

Automatic Processor XP-300A

ID Camera

ID Camera LIC-1 type

Darkroom Lamp

Darkroom Lamp LC1

Industrial Film Processing

These products are available only in Japan.


Daito Mitech’s flat panel detectors provide the highest image quality and reliability available in today’s market. This is achieved through our OEM relationship with Rayence CO., Ltd. in South Korea. MXI-910G uses Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gadox) and MXI-900 uses Cesium-Iodide (Cesium).

MXI-910/MXI-910G possesses a wide active image area (17 x 17 inch) to accommodate a versatile range of clinical applications today. The MXI-910/MXI-910G will become the universal and economical digital solution needed to meet your clinical requirements.

MeciaImage, DICOM viewer, is designed to process and preserve medical images in DICOM format. It is equipped with most common tools for manipulation of DICOM images and it has an intuitive user interface.

Flat Panel Detector


Flat Panel Detector


DICOM Viewer


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