・A powerful, high-resolution processor
 with superior durability.

Automatic Film Processor XP1000

The solid, industrial design

  • Enables processing of high volumes of film with high-resolution & high-speed up to 90sec perfect for the demands of hospitals and other large institutions.

Mammography available

  • Supports mammography film processing


Film transport system Continuous roller transport system
Processing films 100 x 100 mm (4” x4”) up to 350 x 430 mm (14”x 17”)
Processing time H(90sec.) / M(110sec.) /L(150sec.), dry to dry
Processing capacity 75 films/hour (Processing speed: H(90sec.),250 x 300mm film)
53 films/hour (Processing speed: H(90sec.),350 x 430mm film)
Tank capacity Developer (6.5L), Fixer (6.5L), Washer (5.5L)
Replenishment system Automatic replenishing system by Film sensor
Power supply Single phase, AC 220V/240V, 50/60Hz.
Power consumption 9.5A (220V)
Dimensions 657mm(W) x 895m(D) x 510mn(H),
In case of without the film insert case:768mm(D)
Weight 58Kg
  1. Mount stand
  2. Circulation pump (Water reservoir system)
  3. Electromagnetic valve for Supply water saving
  4. Water filter kit